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Why the Journal? Why Lutheran??
Luther Rose
Hello, I'm Anthea, and I'm a Lutheran.

I've been around livejournal for nearly 5 years now and I've found myself waffling about the content of my journal. It has settled mostly on the "these are the current events of my life" sort of thing so I am going for something different here - a place to allow some of my thoughts of a more religious nature to air.

I thought I'd kick off this whole party with a few thoughts on becoming a Lutheran, apart from all my friends (save one) and family, at the age of 23. I became a Christian when I began attending a "Lutheran" school in 8th grade. I wandered relatively aimlessly from church to Bible study to prayer group to church for about 10 years.

In college, one of my friends decided he wanted to become a pastor in the LCMS. He and I spent hours and hours arguing, debating, questioning, and talking about theology. He became more and more Lutheran and I stubbornly refused to consider it. Eventually, we graduated, he moved to Fort Wayne and out of my life. I moved home and continued searching for the "perfect" church - no easy task when you're not sure what it is you're looking for. I considered all of the conversations I'd had with my friend over and over and in August 2004 I decided it was time to swallow my pride and accept the fact that I would only be happy in a church that treasured the things I had come to desire - the Sacraments properly administered and salvation apart from works.

I met my pastor for the first time at a coffee shop. I started attending my church. I went through confirmation class (I was the sole pupil) and in March 2005, I was confirmed. I have only recently began to find Lutheran friends - mostly via the Internet. The joy and comfort I have found in my church is wonderful. Having a church home is something I longed for for so long. I am so grateful.

I am far from a theologian, but I find theology fascinating (not to mention incredibly important!). I love talking about it, thinking about it, and learning more of it. I hope to be able to write about some of the things I appreciate that I have learned here. I always welcome feedback, though I will also say that I do not debate. I am naturally a shy person who's come a long way towards being outgoing, but it's easy for me to retreat into my shell when prodded. :)

Anyways, that's the quick version of my becoming a Lutheran. Now onward!

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I could say "welcome to the Lutheran blogosphere," but you're a better person than that. ;)

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